Education System In COVID19

– Aman Shukla
As we can say our education system is going backward right now and the reason for this is COVID-19. if you open your eyes then you can see you are not only the victim of COVID-19 instead people in every state and in each city are suffering from this disease. On the other hand students have upcoming exams and the problem is how they attend coaching classes, because all the  classes are closed due to lockdown. So the study of students is on pending and they are worried so much.
                      But you forget one thing, You are the youth! You are up-to-date with modernization and technology.If everything is closed in one hand then on the other hand everything is also open. We believe in smart working.We are familiar with modern internet which makes every thing possible. Yes, I am talking about the internet which is very helpful nowadays. For every one there is a vast networking or networking connection. You can study from the internet, get information from YouTube classes, online Education Websites are available everywhere some are paid some are free of cost providing. Social Apps are also very helpful in education.
      Now, We are living in the Digital Era where everything is digital and we are smart people.

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