Try to think what you are born for !!

– Amita Shrestha

Show me your eyes…Don’t you think they are vacant?

What do you think about the future? Do you satisfy with what you are right now? What do you feel like doing? What do you think your dream is?

Have you ever thought of experiencing those moments which have never been experienced by your father, your forefathers or anyone from your family? Something that you wonder in your imagination or in your dreams? Do you think you will ever be able to experience those moments? Don’t you think you should at least try to make that happen?

If you aren’t satisfied with what you are right now, don’t you think you should go ahead and put some effort to bring a new change?

Why do you give up your efforts like this if there is something you really want to achieve so badly? Do you think there is no hope? Is that why you are quitting? Remember, there is a hope even where there is no hope. I believe…everything has a reason. So, what you might be having interest on right now might have a reason too or what you are doing right now might have a reason. Search and think about the outcome of what you are doing. It is for sure that you’ll figure out the final achievement.

You can’t give up on your habit? Or you simply put it aside as your hobby? I am damn sure it is your hobby … just hobby, if you never feel that you are good at it than someone other, I am sure that it is just a hobby if you are successful in diverting your mind away from it within a few days or a month. But if it feels really bad when you try to not think about it or it’s difficult to give up on it even after a year or even after a very long period of time, or you want to do it even if a lot of people by your side criticize about that thing of yours, you really need to understand that it is not just a hobby but something more than that, something that might be able to change your life. Try and understand that the particular hobby of yours itself might have been waiting for you to do something on it or it might have been waiting for you to take it to a next level so it can, in return, take you to the whole new world of your dreams.

Let’s talk about ladies first, there might be some ladies who are waiting for their ‘prince of the dream’ and they might have been imagining about how their ‘dream prince’ are going to be like or what would happen when they meet. Something magical or something really miraculous must be running in their mind regarding the ‘dream prince’ thing. Some other girls might have been searching for the quality of their dream prince in their specific boyfriends or husband. What do you think? Am I talking about all these dreams for this long? Obviously not!

Think for yourselves! Do you have any idols? There must be someone who you really admire, there must be someone whose work is really appreciated by you along with a huge mass other than you, there must be someone with such a fame that not only you but a lot of girls go crazy even thinking about him. Now take it in a serious way, think it in a deeper level. After few years or when you are 26 or 27 or let’s say when you are in your early 30’s, you’ll see that you are caring for your children and your family probably but the one who is your idol right now will still remain the heart-throb. They exist in the world for many people because they are in the mind and soul of so many people. Do you even exist in the world? Because you love them so much, you go crazy even on hearing their names but do they even know you? Is your existence proved now? Because the one whom you have loved so much once in your life doesn’t even know that a person like you even exist! So now go, prove your existence, even if you can’t make the love in them arise for you, at least exist in their world. That way I think you will be able to prove your existence in the world. So search inside yourself if there is something inside you that can help you prove your existence. It can be your art, creativity, sports anything. If not, study thing is always in there ready to show up your dignity.

Same things go up with gentlemen as well. Let’s now talk about study. Whatever is there in you, I believe, that is incomplete without your academic qualification. Whatever you do, become a professional in whatever you want but having an academic degree is far better than not having one. That means you’ll have to focus more on what you are trying to do, give it the whole of you, your soul and your mind but at the same time put on a little effort for the academic qualification as well. Your effort won’t go worthless.

Let’s wrap up things now!

  1. If you can make your foot roll in such a manner where the spectators and other players cannot even figure out the moves of your foot … realize now and think upon it twice if you are born for football.
  2. Motivate yourself to the thing or career that you are interested in. Go Google it or simply get something to watch on YouTube or you may find so much of sources to have yourself up-to-date about that specific thing but stay motivated towards it every now and then.
  3. Now that you realize that your passion is not just a passion but something more than that, be strong enough to face and go through the hurdles that are coming towards you because you might not be lucky enough to see yourself as the one who you have dreamed of all at one effort.
  4. When you feel like giving up think whether you will actually be able to give up and remember know that all the time and effort you invested on it will go waste.
  5. So it is rather useful and productive that you give a shape to your dream than to let the effort and time go waste.
  6. I better not say ‘Do not be a fan’ but try to experience what being a star feels like.
  7. Try to think what you are born for because life is lived and led everyone, falling in love is experienced by everyone at least once in their life-time; rearing children is done by everyone. Is that all you are born for? Just in order to carry out the natural process and die as nothing?
  8. Don’t be the static or minor character of other’s life. Instead be the heroine, the lead actress/actor of your life.
  9. I reckon this can help youngsters to strengthen themselves a bit.

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