Why everyone should consider social work?

– Sony Tamang

Blessed with numerous gift of nature, Nepal is full of wonders and heaven-like pulchritude found nowhere else on the Earth but regrettably, our country is still behind in terms of development in comparison to many other countries. Around 25% are living below the poverty line which makes Nepal one of the poorest countries in the world. Millions of youth have been to different countries of the world for jobs and earning as they are compelled to do. Moreover, there are many needy around our country such as orphans, disable, underprivileged and so on and they are deprived of their basic needs such as food, shelter and clothes.

We must do something for the country and the people living there. We as a human being can serve the needy people for the upliftment of the community, society as well as country. Social service is the key for the improvement of country. We should not expect anything in return as we have many responsibilities towards our country. Serving those people who are suffering means a lot which can bring us name, fame and popularity. Our small help can create a lot to for those who are suffering. As long as we have service motive, we will never get discouraged. We can serve the people by launching awareness programs regarding social issues prevailing in our society. We can establish orphanages for the bereaved children because they need to be protected. Furthermore, we should provide skillful training to the people in order to eradicate poverty from our society.

In conclusion, social service teaches us to be united and makes us a responsible person. It creates understanding among people and removes the discomfort and misery of the people. It maintains positive relationships with individuals who may be hostile and unreliable. We must be ready to discover new and innovative ways to cope with the challenges for the advancement of community, society as well as country.

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