Role of Women in The Society

-Nitesh Joshi

Women play a prominent role in the growth and development of society but the miserable thing is that they haven’t been acknowledged yet. In the past, the position was determined by might. Because men were more active in earning, fighting, and so on, they commanded a superior position in society. As a result, many of the world’s cultures became patriarchal. They were necessarily found on the ground of gender discrimination. So women played a passive and subservient role in the family and society. The absence of women’s participation in public affairs continued for centuries. They were denied voting rights and paternal property rights until the twentieth century or even later. Women are the epitome of strength, love, and sacrifice. They must be provided with education and freedom instead of being tortured and treated live slaves. There is a very popular saying by Benjamin Young, “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” This shows the significance of women in the family as well as society.

Now both perspectives and standards are getting fairer but still, it is not to a satisfactory level. Muscle power cannot determine a person’s power in our time, the age of justice, and inclusion. The fact that women are not less capable than their male partners at least in emotional and intellectual aspects has still not been universally recognized. Women are no longer going to accept their inferior and submissive role. They want to be much more than mere housewives and mothers.

Development in society cannot be effective and sustainable without women’s participation. A society treating women as a passive and subservient member is not likely to prosper in the modern time. Women must have autonomy over their destiny. Constituting more than half of the world’s population, women must be given all the rights, importance, and position in the society that they are worthy of that will enable them to perform their roles. Women have the tremendous capability to make a healthy family, a solid society, and a powerful country.

Women play a vital role to gear up the pace of development of a well-cultured and just society. If women are weaker, development paces slowly. It is said that ‘men and women are like the two wheels of a cart’; this analogy cannot be ignored because it exists in the core of reality. Unless women are able as men, the existing discriminatory laws and disparity will hinder their rights. That is why women’s empowerment proves to be a must to gear up the acceleration of the development of society as well as humanity.

If the status of women is changed in society there will be a drastic positive change in it. Women are obligatory factors for massive and collective social change and socio-economic development. They must gain control over self, over ideology, and the resources that will generate and consolidate their potentiality and inherent capability that will transform the entire society where each one of us will reside happily. The bitter fact is that people worship the statues of goddesses but they coerce, intimidate, and torture their creation.

In early age, women were just used as sex toys or a housewife and were kept limited to houses, but due to developments, women are playing an active and indispensable role in society establishment. Once Europeans rightly coined ‘give men good mothers; I will give you a great nation.’ This enlightens us with the role of women as a mother, wife, and also a teacher. Western societies have developed so much due to the active role of women in society; they are given equal chances as their male counterparts increasing the competition between them leading to innovations ultimately driving the society to massive development. But in Asian countries, discrimination between men and women prevails due to which they are not given opportunities and are lagging behind in the path of development. Women act as a guide, friend, and philosopher in the family that will help in their prosperity and eventually benefit society. Simply, we can say that the foundation for the development of society is laid by women.

Empowering women is the golden key to transformation. Change in society without the role of women is unrealistic. To sum up, if society desires tranquility and prosperity, women must come forward, make a difference, and just make society a better place to live.

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