Adolescence, an overwhelming period

Adolescence, a threshold of stress and storm which takes a young human to fully fledged human. Specifically, it means growing toward maturity which roughly falls between 10 – 19 years. Adolescence is divided into three different stages i.e. early stage (ages between 10 -13), middle stage (ages between 14 – 17), and late adolescence (ages between 18 – 21).

One’s need to bear a lot of drastic physical, social, cognitive, sexual, and emotional changes which can cause expectancy as well as anxiety for both adolescence and their families. Throughout the adolescence bit by bit changes take place. We can see changes in height, weight, voice, bodily proportion as well as some secondary sexual characters such as hair in the arm pit, pubic hair, and increase in breast, waist, and more. Not only this, different hormones are also developed which increases their attraction toward sex.

Beyond this, emotional changes such as feeling of loneliness, bearing of tension, expansion of   loyalty, as well as sharing of emotions are developed. For example: dealing with various obstacles, achieving in extracurricular activities, desire of independency, feeling of leadership, analyzing any situations, appropriate decision making and many more.

However, despite some above changes, there are also some particularly seen changes on some individuals like feeling of shyness, scared, worried, and tensed. All these changes cause various impacts on an individual. Only the thing matter here is “HOW THEY TAKE IT?” The individual who take it in positive way may accomplish this stage easily; on the contrary, one may indulged themselves in social evils such as drug addiction, robbery and many more. On the other hand their career may also collapse.

As it is a very delicate period, hence need to be handled in a very proper way. From their diet to sleeping habit proper attention is required. Family plays a crucial role to protect a teenager from getting doubt and misconception regarding adolescence. Moreover, parents need to be their friends during this period. No comparisons should be made regarding their studies, or any acts. Teenager, themselves need to make their friend circle appropriate, should pay much attention towards their studies and fight against any obstacles. Lastly and most importantly, regarding any health issues immediate consult with a doctor should be made as well as regular health checkup.

Adolescent are the future of the nation. Hence, to make the country well developed with prosperity, a proper guidance and proper education need to be provided to all individual during an adolescence period.

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