Women in Engineering

Engineering has become one of the most preferred professions in the world right now.

When a person is asked to think about an engineer, the foremost thing that comes to his/her mind is-A man with glasses, a woman never crosses his/her mind. And, I believe the main reason for this is “The SOCIETY”. We all know that the society has categorized Women as inferior to men and as a result, Women are assigned the position of minors in both public and private sectors of life. There is a stereotype that women lack confidence and do not have skills to have an engineering career.

Therefore, compared to other professions, women’s representation in engineering seems to be lower than men’s!!

Society has always assumed that the engineering profession should be male dominated. And maybe because of this, female engineers earn 10% LESS than the male engineers. It’s a sad reality that, only 30% of women who earn bachelor’s degree in engineering are still working in engineering. And, only 13% of the engineers are women in the workforce.

In order to bring change in this field, women must be encouraged to choose engineering as profession.

MASCULINIZATION of the profession should be eliminated. People should be taught that People’s interest and skill plays a vital role. No any career is chosen according to the masculinity or gender. For this, cultural change should be brought in organization and educational institutions. Sexism must be strictly eliminated for positive socialization.

Also, women should be made aware of the fact that they have managed their biological differences to cope competitively with men!!

However, myself being an engineering student, I feel happy to see my female friends doing mechanical, electrical, civil engineering!! With this, I can feel some sort of positive change regarding women choosing engineering as a profession. Also, I feel proud to see the increasing number of women having their interest in technical fields like engineering.

And I strongly believe that, in the near future, people will also be thinking of women when asked about an engineer.

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